SHARE Too Much History MORE Future – 6th namaTREba project/biennial

Nikola Kekerovićtheir art
Born 1991 in Banja Luka.
Finished Painiting department on
Academy of Arts in Banja Luka.

Their Art / video / 3:14min
This work is my critique of the very boring opening of the exhibition, in duration about 45 minutes for no apparent reason and are used only for advertising eminent curators, politicians and other “art cream” which usually keep very long, boring and incomprehensible speeche’s. Usually we have a concentration to listen to the opening until it is time to explain the artist’s work. Than starts the farce. Mostly bunch of nonsense and quotations of Greek, Roman, philosophers, writers, great mind’s … On the other hand, on the exhibition mainly come, ( just to see your some landscape or still art), our mothers, fathers, relatives, neighbors with children who are mostly, absolutely artistic unawakened. With it starts a big mess and a mockery.

Putin ”arrested” / Video work / 1:14 min / endless Loopputin
Video adaptation of what I dreamt .I decided to imitate the moving image news that can be found on teletext, describing what i dreamt as sort of comment of my body which in those days was point of impact of certain news items, were later reproduced in my brain in the form of sleep and exhibited toward me.

Saša Tatic
Born 1991 in Banja Luka.
Student fourth year of the
Academy of Arts in Banja Luka,
the graphics department.point of view

Point of view / video / 2:26 min
Confronting two eyes in a physical sense, that each in his field of vision abstracted each other, with an awareness that the observation of the same things do not necessarily have the same meaning for two individual personalities. The interpretation of what we see in a positive way can be painful for others, which is presented through the direct application of pain at the sight.

Pressure / video / 1:52 minpressure
The biggest challenge in life is to stay true to yourself in a world where everyone expects you to act like the others. By the nature as a non conformist I am trying to get out of the frame cliché that is collectively created, invisible but omnipresent. It is impossible to avoid the mold, but just dealing with it resulting in unusual outcomes and thus realize their individual behavior.

Marko Jovovicuntitled
Born 1991 in Kolašin.
Student of Sculpture department on
Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje.

Untitled / color / hdv / 1:40 min
Untitled video is a kind of experimental movememnt project which deals with questions about human body movement and resistance in urban spaces. With editing proces and effects video provoke observer perception.

Marko Janjuševici&i
Born in Nikšic.
Student of a painting department on
Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje.

I & I / color / hdv / 2:25 min
Used in the rastafarian religion in place of “you and me” to show that all people are equal under Jah. Also means “I, with God’s help” or “I, with God-in-me”. Often used in place of “me”. Because the people’s Identity was destroyed in slavery, Identity is very important in RastafarI – so I gets capitalIzed a lot. The “I and I” also marks a distinction between the body (that which can be seen) and the spirit. This is reinforced by the similarity of sound between “I and I” and “eye and I”. The expression “I and I” thus expressedly includes all of ones being. In a time in which we live is a very hard to find peace in our soul, because of all unnecessery informations. This video deals with
that question, how to put yourself in higher state of mind?

Nevena Kosovicworm
Born 1993 in Gacko.
She is a student of 2nd year on
Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje.

Worm / color / hdv / 6:00 min
If you are appalled by the sights of your right eye, it is better to poke it out and throw away. It is better to live your life without one eye than to feel as if thrown into an eternal hell where the self is devoured from within by what the eye sees and the flames of hell are burning fiercely never to be extinguished. The everlasting notion is the man, we do not expose ourselves and our body to a lot of strain, we do not let it die, it lives within us, yet we are dead with it. Now I sacrifice my body, the soil is that what covers me, that saves me, and I leave a testimonial as a proof that it is better to renounce your body than to live with it, its internal devouring worm.

Mila Panicneighborhood
Born in 1991 in Brcko,
Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Graduated from Academy of Fine
Arts at University of Banja Luka,
department of painthing in class
of Veso Sovilj.

Neighborhood / series of video works / 2013-2014 / ongoing
Very often the contemporary living conditions in a family or society are representing a mirror of historical processes. In neighborhood we all have different problems, interests but we all have the same geographical position.Because of that geographical conditioned commynites dependent on interpersonal benchmarked and activities;our intimacy,privacy and actions are under neighbor’s microscope. Everyone look try the window time to time,listen through the walls,or look trough the pipehole and come to their own conclusions about some actions,conversations and so on.Is it our curiosity or geography the reason that we rather talk about neighbors life during the dinner than about our own,that the composition of a house often depends of a content of a neighbors house,or we just rating our own life on the basis of the neighbors life.

Ninoslav Kovacevicno sound
Born 1988 in Sanski Most.
Academy of arts, Banja Luka (BiH),
class 2007-2011.
Master stydies- class 2011-2012.

No sound for those who speak loudly! / video / 1:24 min
„No sound for those who speak loudly“ speaks about censorship as a method of taking freedom from free speech.