Exhibition at gallery Atelje DADO 17.05-07.06

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Atelier DADO Gallery is part of the Art Museum of the National Museum of Montenegro. It was founded in 2002 with the intention to promote contemporary artistic practices through exhibition but also through other activities such is workshops, lectures, conferences etc.

The gallery has three permanent segments that are realized from April – December and consist of three types of exhibitions: presentation  of works by outstanding artists from the country and from abroad, promotion of young Montengrin artists and theme exhibitions that consist of exhibits that belong to the collections of the National Museum of Montenegro. Programs are confirmed by the gallery’s council. Actual members of the council are: Mirko Ilić (graphic designer, New York), prof. Branimir Karanović (photographer, Belgrade), Miha Colner (art historian, Ljubljana), Ljiljana Zeković (art historian, Cetinje) and Mirjana Dabović Pejović (art historiani, Cetinje).

Gallery is located on the main Court square in the historical city center of Cetinje.

Narodni Muzej Crne Gore, Galerija atelje DADO Adress Dvorski Trg 1, Cetinje, Crna Gora Homepage: https://ateljedado.wordpress.com/