SHARE – Too Much History, MORE Future

The commemorative year 2014 is an occasion for Austria to carry out a European project in the field of contemporary art that is intended to make the creative potential of Bosnia and Herzegovina visible across all borders. An important concern in the same context is to enable artists from that country to come into contact with the European art scene and to initiate interaction and more intensive cooperation in the future.

The project “SHARE – Too Much History, MORE Future” emerged from the spirit of decades-long friendly cooperation between Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is meant to continue and intensify it. Video works by artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as by artists living and working in Austria will be released and presented together. Memories, both personal and collective, and questions about the here and now, will be explored by the artists in a wide variety of ways.

One of the 148 postcards received in the context of a mail art Project* by KulturKontakt Austria read: SHARE. This, and nothing else, was the message sent by Šejla Kamerić of Sarajevo. SHARE: a wish, an appeal, a necessity? SHARE – the idea of mutual giving, of engaging in exchange, of participating in one another’s lives and work – was the point of departure of this art project and has been its guiding principle. The complete title is SHARE – Too Much History, MORE Future. Does an excess of history, a past with which we have not yet come to terms, block our view of the present and the future? On the other hand, it is said that no future is conceivable or possible without remembrance.

Over the past century, the artists of that country have had to cope with numerous changes: in society, in politics, and in the economy. The process of coming to terms with memories is a recurring theme of many of the works presented here; another is the difficulty of becoming established and surviving economically as a cultural professional in the here and now.

The current art scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina is distinguished by great vitality and diversity. However, it only seldom receives the international attention it merits, and the establishment of long-term relations with art institutions and artists in Western Europe is, for many reasons, still a very difficult undertaking. The multi-part project “SHARE — Too Much History, More Future!“ is an attempt to give Bosnian artists the notice and appreciation they deserve, help them establish sustainable contacts with colleagues living or working in Austria, and promote Europe-wide awareness of their work and opportunities for communication and cooperation.<span

1. Video Edition
The video edition will constitute a collection of video works by the Bosnian artists Mladen Miljanovic, Sejla Kameric, Adela Jusic, Mladen Bundalo, Irena Sladoje, Igor Bosnjak. Gordana Andjelic-Galic and other artists including Ernst Logar, Anna Jermoalewa, Ana Hoffner and Peseckas/Schneider. Thematically, the works of these artists deal with remembrance, the past, and the present: personal and collective experiences, ways of coping with the burden of history, the survival and the failure of the individual in times of dramatic changes. Each of these videos is the result of an artistic exploration of facets of these themes; none of them attempt to deal with the subject matter in a documentary way.

2. SHARE Travelling Exhibition and presentations
The collected films contained in the video edition will form the basis of exhibitions that will besupplemented by the positions of local Bosnian artists at their respective locations. The exhibitions will be documented in a multilingual accompanying catalogue, in which allthe participating artists will be presented. National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo Museum of Contemporary Art Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka, Carinthian Museum of Modern Art, Klagenfurt  Presentation of the videoedition will take place in various cities as Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Vienna, Trebinje, Strasbourg, Burssels and Mons.

3. Video Competition for Young Bosnian Artists
A competition for the next generation of artists will be held in cooperation with the international video festival in Trebinje ( Young people and art students up to the age of 27 will be invited to submit videos with a total length ot up to 10 minutes. International experts and artists will select the 10 most interesting entries out ot all submissions. The chosen works by 10 Bosnian young artists will subsequently be released on a DVD and will be nationally and internationally distributed. The overall winner of the competition will receive a scholarship for a three-month stay in Vienna as an artist in residence.

[1]20 Years: KKA Artists in Residence. Launching Careers, Building Cooperation

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